About Us

Strife Professional was founded in 2016 by Strife. Strife has started several online stores through Shopify since 2014. As he was selling online using Shopify, he installed and tried many Shopify apps to enhance his eCommerce stores. However, not everything he was looking for were available in the Shopify Apps Store.

Therefore, he got a group of developers and created all the Shopify Apps that he needed for his online stores. Somewhere along the way, he realised that many other store owners were looking for functionalities provided by the apps that he had developed too! With some tweaks to the existing apps, Auto Discount From Url and GoldMerchant were published. These Shopify apps have helped many merchants to generate more sales and continue to grow their Shopify.

In early 2016, Strife Professional was formed and continue to develop Shopify apps that Shopify store owners need.